We have some tickets left for the cruise from Rüdesheim or Wiesbaden!

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Come to Rüdesheim to join the magnificent fireworks event between Trechtingshausen and Bingen / Rüdesheim that for over 39 years has attracted visitors from all over the world to the Rhine river. Experience numerous fabulous fireworks displays, “burning castles”, and a striking fleet of illuminated riverboats. For the most spectacular view of this event, reserve a seat aboard one of the ships that cast off at Rüdesheim.  Contact the Rüdesheim Tourist Information for tickets information and reservation.

Ticket categories

  • SOLD OUT: Tickets including dinner approximately 56,00 to 64,00 Euro/person (further price changes are possible) different ships - please contact us to ask for an individual offer
  • Available: Ship tickets from our Partner Rössler Line - cruise from Rüdesheim or Assmannshausen, Ticket Price incl. dinner - 65 Euro/person
  • Available: Ship tickets from our Partner Primus Line - cruise from Wiesbaden, Ticket Price incl. dinner - 71,50 Euro/person
  • SOLD OUT: Ship MS Beethoven: Including welcome drink, American Smoker Buffet, Live Music and cruise Rhine in Flames - approx. 95 Euro/person in 2016 - click here for more information
  • SOLD OUT: Exclusive category - Ship MS Jules Verne: Including buffet, live music, flat rate for drinks and cruise Rhine in Flames - ticket price around 150 Euro/person - click here for more information

Please contact us for further details. Mail address: gaby.schaefer@ruedesheim.de

Get a first impression from our film of Rhine in flames 2013

Running of the event
Most of the ships are leaving from Rüdesheim between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. and return to Rüdesheim around midnight. The journey leads past numerous castles into the fabled Upper Middle Rhine Valley (UNESCO World Heritage since 2002). Like pearls on a string line the forts, castles and romantic ruins on both sides of the Rhine river between Rüdesheim/Bingen and Koblenz. Around 50 ships join the flotilla that glides majestically below perhaps the most elaborate fireworks to be seen in Germany. The surrounding valley erupts in a final climactic display of pyrotechnic art.  Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere created by the rain of stars and fountains of fire reflected in the waters of the Rhine and the thunder of the fireworks echoing from the steep banks. The culmination of the Rhine in flames is the great final fireworks fired from a platform in the middle Rhine between Rüdesheim and Bingen. Then the ships put back to the exit in Rüdesheim or Bingen.  A supporting programme takes place from Friday to Sunday in town.

Get more impressions of rhine aflame

Film 1 - Impressions filmed from the Niederwald monument in (2012)

Film 2 - Final firework on July 6, 2013

More information and contact for your tickets:

Rüdesheim Tourist Information
Rheinstraße 29a
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein
Tel.: 06722 – 90615-12 (Mrs. Gaby Schaefer) or 06722 – 90615-0 (Tourist Info)
Fax: 06722 – 90615-99
E-Mail: gaby.schaefer@ruedesheim.de

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