High forest fire danger in Hessen (note of 2 July 2019)

Due to the continuing weather conditions with no nationwide and abundant rainfall in connection with high temperatures was announced by the Hessian Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (HMUKLV) until further notice, the alert level A (high forest fire hazard) for all parts of Hesse. In particularly endangered forest areas or forest edge areas it may come to the closure of barbecue areas. The temporary blocking of forest roads and forest areas is not excluded. For these measures the population is already being asked for understanding. The Ministry also asks all forest visitors for increased caution and attention. Outside the designated barbecue areas no fire may be kindled. On the barbecue areas it should be ensured that the fire is properly deleted when leaving the barbecue area. In the forest, smoking is strictly prohibited. Forest fire hazard also comes from left bottles and broken glass, but especially along streets by carelessly thrown out of the window cigarette butts. All forest visitors are also asked not to block the access roads to the forests with vehicles. Cars may only be parked in the designated parking spaces. The vehicles should not stand over dry ground vegetation. If you notice a forest fire, you are kindly requested to inform the fire brigade immediately (112).

Oak procession spinner in the Naheblick, Rossel, Rittersaal areas and some parts of the Rheinsteig (note of 12 June 2019)

Currently there is a very strong infestation with the oak procession spinner in the Naheblick, Rossel and Rittersaal areas and in some areas of the Rheinsteig in the forest area. There are already some signs attached.

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