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Rüdesheim Tourist AG
Rheinstrasse 29a, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)6722 906150
Fax: +49 (0)6722 9061599

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Tax ref. no.: 043 242 8625 9
VAT reg. no.: DE 227644 949
Commercial register: HRB 20279, Wiesbaden local court

Updating / Exclusion of liability
Rüdesheim Tourist AG endeavours to ensure that all the information and data on its website is accurate and up to date, but it accepts no responsibility for the information and data provided being up to date, accurate or complete. No liability whatsoever is accepted for losses arising from the use of information accessed on the website.
Rüdesheim Tourist AG reserves the right to make unannounced changes or additions to the information or data provided.

On its website, Rüdesheim Tourist AG has provided links to other websites. In respect of all of these links, Rüdesheim Tourist AG explicitly states that it has no influence whatsoever on the design or content of any websites to which a link is provided. Rüdesheim Tourist AG accepts no responsibility for the content of such websites accessed using an electronic link. If this content infringes the rights of third parties, Rüdesheim Tourist AG expressly dissociates itself from the content of these websites.
This statement applies to all links provided on and to the content of all sites accessed via these links.

The layout of the website, the graphics used and the articles assembled on it are protected by copyright. Pages may be copied for private use only; they may not be changed and items that have been copied may not be distributed or reproduced for public use. Duplication of information or data, and the use of texts, sections of text or pictures is prohibited without the prior consent of Rüdesheim Tourist AG.

Data protection information
Personal data is handled in compliance with data protection regulations, but your emails and forms that can be submitted online are forwarded to Rüdesheim Tourist AG without any further encryption. All information that is sent may therefore be viewed by third parties during transmission. For security reasons, you should not send any passwords, credit card numbers or other information you wish to remain confidential. Current standards of technology mean that data integrity cannot be guaranteed.

Receipt of encrypted emails
For technical and organisational reasons, Rüdesheim Tourist AG is currently unable to decipher encrypted emails. If you wish to send us confidential information, please use the postal service.

Receipt of electronically signed emails
We regret that for technical and organisational reasons Rüdesheim Tourist AG is currently unable to verify the authenticity or validity of electronic signatures. Consequently, documents subject to the requirement of written form, i.e. a personal signature, cannot be submitted electronically. In such cases, we therefore kindly request that you communicate on paper.

The recipient will notify you if we are unable to process an email. This may be the case, for example, as a result of computer viruses, general technical problems or deviations from the general technical parameters specified above.

This information only applies to communications with Rüdesheim Tourist AG and does not apply to references to the services of third parties such as other public authorities.

In a judgment dated 12 May 1998 ('Liability for links', 312 O 85/98), Hamburg Regional Court ruled that the provision of a link can establish joint responsibility for the content of the site to which the link is provided. According to the court, this can only be avoided by dissociating oneself explicitly from such content. We hereby explicitly dissociate ourselves from all content on all pages linked to our website. This statement extends to all links provided on our website.

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