“Ring Ticket” and “Romanticism Tour”

These packages offer an attractive programme of activities: a cable car ride from Rüdesheim up to the Germania monument, a walk from the Germania monument to the Jagdschloss Niederwaldhotel, a chair lift ride down to Assmannshausen and a riverboat tour taking you back to Rüdesheim ('Romanticism Tour' also includes a trip to Rheinstein Castle). Tickets are available from Rüdesheim Tourist Information and participating partners. 'Ring Ticket': Adults € 15.00 / children 5-13 years € 7.50. 'RomanticismTour': Adults € 18.00 / children 5-13 years € 9.00. Tour depending on duty of cable car and chairlift. 

Please call Tourist Information for details.  

Cable car to Niederwald Monument

A highlight of any stay in Rüdesheim is the ride in a cable car up to the Germania monument. The awe-inspiring panoramic views over Rüdesheim's oldtown and the shimmering waters of the Rhine dotted with green isles make the smooth glide over the vineyards a very special experience. The station at the base can be found in the pedestrianised area on Oberstrasse. Adults: € 8.00 return trip, € 5.50 one-way, € 9.00 'cable car/chair lift' combi-ticket to Assmannshausen, reductions for groups and children. Romantic moonlit ride to the Germania Monument. 

Rüdesheimer Seilbahn, Oberstraße 37, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, Phone: +49(0)6722/2402, Fax: 3574, info@seilbahn-ruedesheim.de, www.seilbahn-ruedesheim.de

Chairlift Assmannshausen

Enjoy riding on a chair lift through the leafy forests of Niederwald to reach the 'Jagdschloss Niederwald' hunting lodge and wildlife park. From here you can admire the spectacular panoramic views of the Rhine Valley and over the picturesque village of Assmannshausen. Tickets can be combined with the Rüdesheim cable car (see 'Ring Ticket' and 'Romanticism Tour'). Adults: € 8.00 return trip, € 5.50 one-way, € 9.00 'cable car/chair lift' combi-ticket to Rüdesheim, reductions for groups and children. Niederwald Seilbahn GmbH, 65385 Assmannshausen, Phone: +49(0)6722/2765

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